to view your NFT (windows only now)


I had idea to create first NFT watch brand.
My watches are not just only variations of one image
Its working 3D model made by me and scripted in Unity (also by me with
help of youtube, google, friend and few guys from fiverr)
So here is my NFT. Live and running
Turn your TV or monitor etc. into wall watch
To showoff NFT ownership @ something not that boring
With claiming our Genesis edition youre supporting futher development.

Genesis edition is showing flow of time depending on your local IP adress and taking every hour update
for time to show you always accurate time.
As complication I choosed BTC/USD price updated every 20sec. to show you also actual BTC price.
Everything is smoothly animated. I know my watches are not Apes but they acctually do something.

1. mint stage - 50pcs for 1 MATIC
2. mint stage - 249pcs for 60 MATIC
1 NFT claim per wallet

0. Twitter account
1. Development of Unity app to play our watch fullscreen. Windows version.
2. Simple mintpage + roadmap
3. Finishing animations and making our app nice
4. Download link for app is public
6. Enabling secure acess to website over https
7. Finish lightning. Adjusting watch script for Unity WebGL to show watch fullscreen from any browser - WE ARE HERE
8. Nice webpage
9. Discord server to hear your voice for future ideas
10. If this will sell I will take money raised to make new models with more complications
and to be able to play it at any platform. And to make variations for rarity

Its just begining...

Genesis edition
Big Watch Genesis Edition